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We are currently in the process of building a Quickbooks Online portal full of tips, screen shots and easy to read instructions to help our clients use  Quickbooks Online better.

One of the most handy tips we discovered, which is great for when you first join Quickbooks, or perhaps haven’t updated your account for a while, is using the Batch Upload function.

Here you can upload multiple expense receipts and attachments to accompany invoices.

No app required, take a picture of the receipt using your smart phone (or print screen an electronic email confirmation) and save them all in a folder on your computer, called Expenses. Try to label each picture if you can, so you know what the receipt refers to (ie Facebook Advertising, Stationary, etc).

Then with batch upload, you can bring all of the receipts into Quickbooks Online in one go (just click on the files you want to upload).

You can either create an expense or invoice straight from the Batch Actions screen. You can also keep them there for when you are reconciling your bank account.

It happens at the best of times – your bank feed will update and you realise that even though you took a picture of the receipt, you hadn’t got around to creating the full expense entry in Quickbooks (quick tip – using the Quickbooks Online mobile app is a great way to avoid this happening but harder to do for online purchases).

All you need to do is allocate the expense to the correct category from the ‘For Review’ tab and press Add. Then go into Expenses and find the particular expense item you just added. Open it and click on the ‘Show Existing’ text which will show you all of the receipts you uploaded via Batch actions. Locate the receipt and click add.

Sorted! 🙂

To download the guide, click Batch Attachment Instructions

For more helpful tips and tricks on how to best use Quickbooks Online for your small business, look out for our FREE app coming soon on the Android and Apple stores, that has a specific section just for Quickbooks tips and tricks.

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